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Mother Nature can cause very serious and even catastrophic damage with its unleashing of hurricanes and other weather producing events.  Flooding and water damage are among the worst offenders when it comes to weather damage to homes and property and the recent 2018 Hurricane season has been brutal along the US coastline as well as the inland remnant effects of the epic storms this year. Especially in Fountain FL


Quickly and efficiently removing the water and moisture damage from homes is paramount in saving your personal property.  This is an exceptionally difficult task and should only be attempted by professionally trained water removal experts using top of the line water removal equipment.  Once the water and flood damage is under control, home and property owners must then concern themselves with mold remediation, prevention and removal.  Black mold has been known to cause several serious health issues and must be treated as a deadly invader that follows water and flood damage wherever it rears its ugly head.

Recently, the storm damage to Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and other states has been the worst flood damage accumulation that we have seen in several decades across the United States.  Unfortunately the flood insurance situation is tricky at best and FEMA is a great help in these instances, but they tend to move at a different speed than those who have been personally effected by the flooding in these areas.  In these cases, the water removal and restoration process is covered by most insurance policies and can also be a reimbursable expense under the FEMA disaster relief funding.  The most important thing you can do is to call now and get the water removal and restoration process moving.  Please understand that in major weather events, many flood and water removal companies will be extremely busy and you may have to wait for your turn in their service schedule so it’s even more important to get on that water or mold removal list as quickly as possible.

Hard hit areas this year include; Wilmington, NC., Lumberton, NC., Fayetteville, NC, Myrtle Beach SC., Panama City, FL., Lynn Haven, FL, Mexico Beach, FL., Apalachicola, FL and more.  Home and property owners in these areas will have a longer wait for service, but it is best to get on the service list as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you get the water and flood removal and repair services completed in a timely manner in order to avoid black mold growth following major weather and flood events.


It is not enough to simply dry out wet carpet and furnishings, in most flood and water damage cases, at least some portion of the sheet rock must be removed and all the studs and internal wood frame materials must be sprayed with an anti-mold growth substance to kill any active or potentially active mold spores to prevent rampant mold growth and the subsequent health issues that follow.  Understanding the proper methods to test for black mold and other spore growth fungi is crucial to the success of your flood and water damage cleanup project.  We have the experts and the top of the line equipment to make sure that we get your property dried and treated to retard future black mold and fungi growth that can lead to long term health problems.

Water and flood damage restoration companies typically arrive and assess your individual situation and then begin the drying out process which typically involves the installation of large commercial fans and dehumidifiers once the surface water has been removed from the wet areas.  In some cases we can save carpet or furniture, but in many cases the carpet and lower levels of affected sheet rock must be removed for proper drying as well.  Most of the time the process can take multiple days of equipment use so it is common for one of our water removal technicians to leave equipment on site and return a day or two later to check the moisture levels and determine how long you will need the drying equipment in total.  2 to 3 days is average.

Once your home or office is dry and we have administered mold retardation treatments, you can begin the process of refinishing your effected area.  Unfortunately, the whole process is another step in recovering from a terrible situation, however our part in the Emergency flood and water removal and repair moves along very quickly and easily, but you need to get started right away, before the situation degrades to the point of requiring extra water removal and mold remediation services.  If you are in need of expert assistance in or near Fountain FL,

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